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Climate Justice Communities (CJC) Project

Today, as we celebrate Earth Day, we're proud to share how the Civil Society Network on Climate Change (CISONECC) is working hand in hand with DAI UK International to implement the Climate Justice Communities (CJC) project.

Our Mission:

The CJC project aims to empower communities to advocate for climate justice and local equity. Through a series of interventions, we're striving to engage both local and national governments to take action on climate change and address the injustices faced by vulnerable communities.

Proposed Interventions:

Outcome 1:
  • Government Prioritizes Climate Change Adaptation and Loss and Damage.
  • Facilitate Engagement Meetings with policy and decision makers to advocate for adequate planning and financing of climate change adaptation and loss and damage initiatives.
  • Conduct periodic sectoral policy analysis to inform integration of climate change adaptation and loss and damage during policy reviews.
  • Support District Councils to develop District Adaptation Plans (DAPs) to guide adaptation actions at the local level.
  • Facilitate national level dialogue on the linkages between climate change adaptation and loss and damage.
Outcome 2:
  • Engage Government in Addressing Human Rights Issues.
  • Conduct an assessment on knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding climate injustices in Malawi.
  • Conduct dialogues with stakeholders on human rights in relation to climate change and loss and damage.
  • Assess and document non-economic losses and damages attributed to climate-related disasters.
Outcome 3:
  • Empower Communities and Structures.
  • Conduct radio and television programs to raise awareness on climate change-related issues.
  • Organize knowledge exchange forums on climate adaptation and loss and damage.
  • Analyze finance flows from international financing mechanisms towards climate change to ensure accessibility and adequacy.
  • Support participation of program representatives at COP 29 and COP intersessions.
Plot No. 49/2/446/2, Area 49 New Gulliver, Church Close Street, Opposite Good hope Private Clinic, Lilongwe.


The National Coordinator
Civil Society Network on Climate Change
P. O. Box 1036

In Solidarity for a Climate Resilient Malawi

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